Here's a trick question (or not) for you: Have you ever seen a billboard?
If your answer is yes, then hello there, we are one of you. And if your answer is in negative, we’ll still say hello but alas, there's a billboard gap between us.
So, for those in the dark, billboards are used for advertising something or someone. It's a very, very common sight.
Now why are we talking about billboards here? You came here looking for tips on digital marketing.
Fear not, we are going to talk about digital marketing. The only reason why we brought the topic of billboards on board here is because what we're about to discuss (sort of) runs parallel to what billboards do —advertise.
Purely speaking, digital marketing is like a digital billboard but with a little twist - it has a set of tools/techniques that are used to market and advertise diverse products/services on multiple digital channels.

Digital marketing has evolved to the point where an immense array of specialists consult with brands to develop effective strategies or implement programs.
A digital marketing consultant can change the future of your company by earning you more customers, bringing in more revenue, and achieving your business goals. He will do this by recommending you strategies based on identified needs from a carefully considered audit.

In the digital arena where business and commerce are heading to, Digital Marketing tools and techniques provide business owners the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth.
Let us take you through some stats!
According to research from RescueTime, one of several apps for iOS and Android created to monitor phone use, people generally spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day, with the top 20% of smartphone users spending upwards of 4 hours and 30 minutes.
Some other important facts to know are:
1. Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing. That equates to about 42% of the current population.
2. 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business (Buffer, 2019).
3. 54% of social browsers use social media to research products.
4. Social media is growing in terms of its reach and impact, and this statistic is here to show just that. 54% of social browsers use social media to research products (GlobalWebIndex, 2018).
5. At this point, it’s no surprise that digital marketing is essential for your business. One of the ways that your business could benefit from digital marketing is by providing the best possible customer service. This includes responding to each one of your comments, mentions, and messages. 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family (Lyfemarketing, 2018).
The internet has become our virtual world which runs parallelly to our existing world— today, we live in a connected world where new technologies is bringing fruitful results for all of us, as individuals, communities and businesses. With people spending more and more time on the phones whether it’s buying something or learning a new skill, everything is done through our phones with the touch of a button. We are living our digital lives more than our normal lives. Now we want to ask you a question –
Do you think you cannot benefit from digital marketing which is running and giving fruitful results at this intensity?

The only answer to this question is “Creating Value” for your customers. You need to identify your “U.S.P” (unique selling proposition) in reference to your competitors and then develop a value proposition for your customers to communicate a promise that resonates on an emotional level. Start with this question: How can we add value to the lives of other people?

The best aspect of a digital marketing campaign is measurable results which are pretty easy to track with free analytics software like Google Analytics, which is a free website analytics platform that gives you insights into how users find and use your website, with details on their demographics and psychographics. With Google Analytics, you can track ROI for your online marketing initiatives and review important metrics to make informed decisions. This helps you learn about your customers in detail and gather learnings to carry over to other marketing methods.

Paid digital marketing campaigns generate results immediately. On the other hand, programs such as content marketing, organic social media, email list building, and search engine optimization require persistence, patience and precision to start seeing substantial results.

Get on a call with us on 1300 223 095 today to start your Digital Marketing Journey. Our first phase of the plan starts with digging the ground with an extensive research wherein we ask you to fill out “3 different Questionnaires” regarding details on your business, your hidden market, and your competitors. This helps us learn more about your needs, clients and industry.

We don’t believe in long term contracts as we believe in measurable results as well! All our contracts and services agreements are renewed on quarterly basis which gives us enough time to perform and showcase results to our clients. We are happy to report that we have never had a client terminate their services or switch to another agency since we’ve started. That’s because our main area of focus is ‘Customer Relationship Management’ and we go that extra mile to satisfy our clients and give them peace of mind. Since the time we start working with our clients, we treat their brand as our own to give it the care and atmosphere it needs to “grow”. Be rest assured that your brand is in our safe hands!

We don’t have any pre-priced budgets. We also do not have any monthly minimums or required buy in packages. Each client is evaluated individually based off their goals, needs and desires. We analyse your brands current digital presence to develop a “Go to strategy” and then set budgets. This strategy also helps us to measure Returns at the end of 3 months through our result mechanism of lead generation.
Let’s end this with a good news - We have monthly instalment options as well, so if you can’t afford a quarterly marketing budget, we’ll advise you on your options.