About the client

Fal is a Hindi word meaning Fruits, and falashin etymologically means full of fruits. Famous for its magical fruit bowls and fruit juices at jaw-dropping pocket-friendly prices, Falashin Juices and Dishes is a new-fashioned cafe with a marvelous idea to revolutionize the modern food industry by ditching the junk, serving only healthy food. The food there is fundamentally vegan, full of nutrition and yet managing a very great taste.

Our Role

Web Design, Product Photoshoot, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, User Experience, Front-End Development, User Interface Design, Project Management, Web Animation, SEO, Adwords, Videoshoot, Logo Designing, Business Collateral and Stationery, Marketing Strategy.

A Dedicated Effort

With every project that we undertake, our team commences with their basics which is; to get together to understand the vision and the objective of the client. Our team then puts their full heart and soul to convert our client’s vision into reality with exceptional results.
Needleless to say we love our clients!!!